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Doba dodania Doručenie 25.09.2020 do 14:00.
Objednajte do zajtra do 10:00
Číslo produktu: 5507-271
Výrobca: Axis Communications
naša cena bez DPH : 349,00 EUR
naša cena s DPH (20 %):
418,80 EUR

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Kompletné špecifikácie

Made for parapet and wall installations. Telescopic arm with adjustable length between 783 mm (30.1 in) to 1033 mm (40.7 in) for compensating different parapet thicknesses or obstructive elements on the facade of the building. It can Swivel round its own axis 180 degrees, allowing mounting/maintain the camera easily and safely from the rooftop. The mount is intended for outdoor fixed and PTZ dome cameras supporting 1.5” NPS thread. A retrofit mounting bracket (optional accessory) makes it possible to reuse holes drilled for Pelco’s PTZ dome parapet mount.