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Číslo produktu: 01916-001

Kompletné špecifikácie

AXIS C1410 Network Mini Speaker is a discrete and affordable speaker that fits into smaller spaces and provides wide-area audio coverage. The speaker is a complete audio system in a single unit. It connects to the standard existing network so there is no need for a separate audio network. Further it is simple to install with PoE for both power and connectivity. AXIS C1410 allows users to remotely warn off intruders before they commit a crime, to deliver instructions during an emergency or to make general announcements. Built-in memory supports pre-recorded messages, or personnel can respond to notifications with live speak. Digital signal processing (DSP) ensures clear sound and with remote health testing you know that it is working. Open standards support easy integration with network video, access control, analytics, and VoIP. AXIS C1410 is a standalone unit that can be placed anywhere, which supports a flexible, scalable and cost-effective approach to system design. It also has a built-in PIR sensor for motion detection.